Woman Parodies BBC Interview Gone Wrong After Kids Crash Live Chat

This had to happen sooner or later.

Last week, an American professor’s live Skype interview descended into chaos at the hands of his two little children. Robert Kelly was live chatting with the BBC from South Korea when his kids burst into the room and took over the interview.

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It didn’t take long for satire outlets to make fun of the wacky ordeal. New Zealand’s satirical news and entertainment program “Jono and Ben” parodied the incident by showing how well a mother would handle a similar circumstance.

The spoof starred an actress playing the role of an interrupted working mom, whose daughter crashes the show mid-interview. The mom keeps total composure, inviting her daughter to sit on her lap and offering a bottle of milk while chatting away about politics.

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She also seamlessly handles complicated tasks like entertaining a baby in a stroller, checking on a pan of chicken, cleaning a toilet bowl and “Oh my God, is that a bomb?” the male interviewer asks as she nonchalantly snips a wire.

“Shout out to all the working women out there defusing bombs on a regular basis!” reads the video’s caption.



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