Tony Danza Denies AOL Reporter’s Dream Of Tap Dancing With Tony Danza

Things got very awkward on the set of “AOL Build”.

Tony Danza dropped by the live interview series on Thursday, fielding questions from the studio audience. Among those in the crowd was AOL celebrity correspondent Kyle Stevens.

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The reporter first told Danza, 65, that his grandmother Lillian was a huge fan. The “Who’s the Boss?” star sent Lillian plenty of love, but that may have been where the conversation should have ended.

Stevens took a long shot in the dark, explaining how this was the correspondent’s last day at AOL and asked if Danza would celebrate by tap dancing with him on stage. “[Something] on my bucket list and I have to scratch it off, is to get on that stage and tap dance with Tony Danza”, Stevens exclaimed with tap shoes in hand.

“Oh no, I think we gave you enough time… I’m sorry,” Danza swiftly replied. “Well you tried,” one of the show’s hosts quipped.

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Stevens reportedly quit on-air after the scene, later telling TooFab that AOL’s new Senior Vice President is “a nightmare and a horrible person” and has “treated all of her employees horribly since the minute he got there a year ago.”

The reporter also reportedly addressed his failed attempt to dance the night away with the Emmy-nominated actor. “If I was going to go out, I wanted to make sure the staff at AOL Build finally got the respect they deserved,” Stevens said. “It’s unfortunate Tony didn’t want to tap with me.”

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