Canadian Photographer Julia Busato Banned From Facebook Over Mannequin Series

Canadian photographer Julia Busato is fighting a war with critics on Facebook.

The 46-year-old photographer started the “Mannequin Series” a year ago after she was gifted a mannequin from a friend. Busato told the BBC she took the photos to “remind the world that beauty should not be defined by a strict set of standards applied to everyone.”

Julia Busato Photography
Julia Busato Photography

Feeling like she “doesn’t fit into modern society’s version” of what a woman should act or look like, Busato’s photos have been shared more than 200,000 times with women still asking to join the series.

But the reaction to her series has been met with criticism, especially on Busato’s Facebook page where she had been previously banned after some Facebook users reported her.


Some comments range from disappointment with negative comments to others calling the series “f**king disgusting,” and Busato says the response is “heartbreaking.”

“I have seen negative comments on the site and it breaks my heart because it defeats the purpose of the series,” she says.

To counter the negativity shutting down her page and her livelihood, Busato wrote a post explaining why reporting the photos carry more weight than they might think.

Despite the controversy, the photographer isn’t finished with her series, “Women are standing up for each other and supporting each other. The series is being shared all over the world and that brings me so much joy.”

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