Rebecca Ferguson confirms she’ll return for “Mission: Impossible 6”.

The “Life” actress tells ET Canada she’ll reprise her “Mission Impossible: Rogue Nation” role as Ilsa in the upcoming sequel. While the script for the 2018 movie is still under wraps, Ferguson says she’s already started training for the action film’s rigourous stunts.

“I’m in training. We’re doing a lot of stunts,” the Swedish actress says. “And a lot of Pilates training, which is hard. It is so tough.”

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Continuing on about the way her character is portrayed in the sixth installment of the film franchise: “I like the way that we made Ilsa. She was very into dance and sort of elongated moves because she’s quite small. We kind of get in, whip around, get out, rather than core and bodybuilding strength.”

The movie’s plot is so under wraps, Ferguson has yet to meet co-star Henry Cavill, who joins the cast in the upcoming film. “I’m pretty excited,” she says of Cavill’s casting. “I think they’re writing it right now.”

Like the rest of us, Ferguson is trying to get details on what adventures lie ahead for Tom Cruise’s Ethan Hunt.

“I’m trying to get information from Chris,” she says of the film’s writer and director Christopher McQuarrie. “He’s going, ‘It’s good baby, it’s good.'”