Ryan Reynolds And Jake Gyllenhaal Talk ‘Life’, Romance and ‘Deadpool 2’ In Must-See Interview

“Life” stars Ryan Reynolds and Jake Gyllenhaal couldn’t wait to tell ET Canada’s Matte Babel about how much fun they had on the set of their new sci-fi movie.

For the duo, the laughs started early on the film’s set.

“The first day, I don’t use my restroom in my trailer, I use his,” Reynolds laughs. “You want to get in there early and say, ‘hey, you’re in my town now.'”

The actors play members of the International Space Station crew who are the first people to discover life on Mars. However, humankind’s first contact with extra-terrestrial life doesn’t go quite as planned when the alien life forms prove to be not so friendly.

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Between jokes and laughs, Reynolds and Gyllenhaal managed to strike up a serious friendship on set.

“The first two days we spent laughing,” Reynolds explains, amid laughs. “Like this. This is how it was,” Gyllenhaal chimes in.

“Everyone’s like, ‘How was it… working on set?'” Gyllenhaal says. “It was non-stop… this, which is useless, which you’ll know… when you’re trying to pull footage from this interview.”

The duo admit they were able to stop laughing and get to work some of the time.

“It was mostly in between takes, but there was some of the boss’ money that we might have blown,” Reynolds says, as Gyllenhaal adds, “We would focus most of the time in the take.”

“Forty per cent at most,” Reynolds claims.

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The actors’ shared camaraderie has fans begging for Reynolds to cast Gyllenhaal as Deadpool’s pal Cable in the upcoming comic book sequel. Fans have already begun the online campaign by Photoshopping Gyllenhaal’s head onto the body of the comic book anti-hero.

“Well for starters, we either have to make his body 60 per cent smaller or his head 60 per cent bigger,” Reynolds says of the fan art. “Do you mind if I poke a hole and do the tongue thing if that’s okay.”

“Do you mind if I take that and just fold it up and put it in my pants and save it for next year?” Gyllenhaal says, taking the fan art photo. “Thanks so much. Yeah, so I hope we answered that question.”

Watch the full extended interview below.



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