Cat Deeley Tweets Scathing Restaurant Review, Tipless Waiter Responds

“So You Think You Can Dance” host Cat Deeley did not have the best culinary experience this week.

Deeley took to Twitter after an “absolutely awful” experience at TOMGEORGE restaurant in Los Angeles on Sunday.

The rant, which plays more like a stream of really bad Yelp reviews, continued, with the 40-year-old television personality telling her followers to “avoid at all costs.”

After Deeley’s followers figured out the tweets were not a bizarre hack, they began asking for an explanation as to what happened and instead, the host continued to slam the Italian eatery.

“Terrible food. Disaster,” Deeley wrote. “Absolutely awful! Worst restaurant in LA”; “This place is awful! Avoid at all costs!”; and, “I give it 3 months.”

The restaurant has spoken out about the review on their Facebook page, writing, “We couldn’t do anything. She didn’t like the food, so we comped all of the food items, then she tweeted a lot of inappropriate tweet[s] although we tried to ease her ‘pain.'”

Deeley’s server also caught wind of her Twitter tirade and showed a photo of her receipt, which included the aforementioned comp’ed food and the fact that she also didn’t leave a tip.

“Cat, as your server at TOMGEORGE, I am hurt by your response to the free food,” J. Vasko-Bezenek wrote. “I gave you respect, and I served you with love.”

The tweet was met with a series of responses, which show that Deeley is still not happy with her experience.

The restaurant’s waiter, Joseph Vasko-Bezenek, addressed Deeley’s behaviour in a video published by TMZ.

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