After six years, Feist is back and she’s sharing info about her new album, her single “Pleasure” and hiatus from the music industry with Zane Lowe.

“I guess,” Feist says about whether she enjoyed her time out of the spotlight. “See, this is how game faceless I am right now,” adding, “I’m not NOT enjoying stepping back out, it’s sort of the same thing for me.”

The Canadian singer shared some insight into her new album, explaining how the spare song works as a “roadmap”.

“Well there’s 11 songs on the record, and I guess it’s sort of like constructing a set list at a show,” she says. “The first three songs should encapsulate everywhere we’re going to go in the next hour and a half… You show them the scope of it. The song is kinda that of the record. It’s an indication of the range that’s going to happen over the 11 songs.”

Diving into her hiatus from the industry, Feist says that her motivation for making music is honesty and unless she’s able to bring that to new music, there’s no reason to release new material.

“There was a thought maybe that I wanted to make sure I was still doing this for the right reasons and not just because it’s there for me to do,” she says.

So what had the musician been up to the past six years?

“A lot of smallness and normalcy,” she says. Endeavours included: cooking, canning tomatoes, pressing cider at her aunt’s farm and meeting all the kids her friends had during the years she was on tour.

I just wanted to take a breath and see if I was supposed to be a macrame teacher, or, I don’t know, go back to school and become a scientist.”

And it wasn’t just her music they touched on, Lowe got Feist to give up the goods on whether or not she would re-team with her “original family” Broken Social Scene.

Listen to the full interview below.