‘The Walking Dead’ Star Ross Marquand Re-Casts Movies With His Amazing Celebrity Impressions

Ross Marquand, who plays Aaron on “The Walking Dead”, completely slays celebrity impressions in a new must-see video.

Marquand has proven adept at his uncanny celebrity impressions – mimicking everyone from Justin Timberlake to Matthew McConaughey.  Now, with Esquire, he has mastered more celebrity impressions, this time re-casting famous movie roles.

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Ever wonder what “Jaws” would be like with Brad Pitt, or “Forrest Gump” with Ewan McGregor?  Maybe if Jack Nicholson took over from Liam Neeson  in “Taken”?  Marquand makes it possible, re-mixing iconic lines from famous movies with a whole new set of actors.

Watch as Marquand runs through his repertoire of incredibly accurate celebrity impressions in the video below.

(Caution: NSFW.  Language may offend some).



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