Ewan McGregor And Ewan McGregor Star In New ‘Fargo’ Season 3 Trailer

Yes, you are seeing double.

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The first full-length trailer for the third instalment of “Fargo” is bringing a little something different to screens. The brand new trailer showcases season 3 star Ewan McGregor playing duel roles as brothers Emmit, “Parking Lot King of Minnesota,” and his parole officer brother, Ray. “You still owe from what happened when we were kids,” McGregor tells…. himself.

Carrie Coon is also featured as the local police chief and Mary Elizabeth Winstead plays Ray’s ex-con girlfriend.

“Fargo” has been a critical darling across seasons one and two, starring Billy Bob Thorton and Kirsten Dunst respectively. The anthology series has also won two Golden Globes and two Primetime Emmys.

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The third instalment of “Fargo” premieres on April 19.



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