Whoopi Goldberg didn’t shy away from calling out the women from “The Talk” after they mispronounced the names of her “The View” co-hosts this week.

The CBS talk show had the honour of announcing the 2017 Daytime Emmy Nominations on Wednesday, but an awkward moment occurred when it came time for Sarah Gilbert to pronounce the names of her rivals, Sarah Haines, Jedediah Bila, and Sunny Hostin.

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“Yesterday, the Daytime Emmys nominations were announced. I think they were announced on ‘The Talk,’ and I think a couple of the women weren’t sure of the pronunciation of everyone’s names, so please introduce yourself so people know,” Goldberg said on Thursday’s show.

After each co-host reviewed the correct pronunciation of their names to the cameras — including Joy Behar, who identified herself as Angelina Jolie — Goldberg continued to shade her competition. “We’re thrilled that you guys announced us. We love that, and we just wanted to say, ‘Hey, here’s our you do our names,’ ’cause maybe our names or some of our names are a little more difficult for folks, if they know [them].”

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This isn’t the first incident of bad blood between the two daytime talk shows. In 2013, “The Talk” co-host Sharon Osbourne told “The View” host to “go f*** themselves.”

But bad blood may not be the culprit of Gilbert’s flub. She apologized for the mispronunciations on Thursday’s episode of “The Talk”.

Yesterday we announced the daytime Emmy nominations, and I’m sure this is my karma for teasing Sharon so much about getting names wrong, but I got so many names wrong, because I was so nervous, and normally, when we say people’s names, we’ve gone over who the guests are, and we’ve practised, but this was an in-the-moment thing, where we were finding out right along with you who was nominated. I made several mistakes, and I was even nervous when I was saying it, knowing I was saying things wrong, so I’m very, very sorry to any of the women whose names I got wrong.

“It was a true mistake. I respect you guys, I congratulate you,” Gilbert continued. “I would never want to take away from your moment, so I am truly sorry,” she continued. “I wish you guys luck, and again, I apologize, and we celebrate you guys.”