Second Evictee Is Booted From ‘Big Brother Canada’

SPOILER ALERT: If you haven’t watched tonight’s eviction episode of “Big Brother Canada”, then STOP READING NOW! Spoilers lie ahead….












The houseguests say “take it easy” to Big Deezy as Dallas becomes the first veteran to be evicted from the BBCAN Odyssey. In a unanimous 12-0 vote, Dallas sees his second chance come to an all too familiar end after a lively week of impromptu speeches, broken friendships, and desperate pleas.

It all starts when Dillon wins the Power of Veto and removes himself from the block, forcing Head of Household Demetres to name a replacement nominee. Dallas’ close relationship with the Veto winning boxer makes him the prime candidate to play seat warmer next to fellow nominee Emily.

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From the second his butt hits the nomination chair, Dallas devolves into the boisterous, frantic hothead who tanked his game back in Week 4 last season. He begins by publicly severing ties with Dillon and burning their friendship in the process (RIP Dilly-Dally). He makes it clear to the whole house that should he survive the vote, Dillon is his target. It’s a strategy that has become somewhat of a BBCAN trademark – get nominated, make a dramatic speech, openly declare war on a fellow houseguest.

The problem for Dallas is that Emily cunningly turns his own tactics against him. Determined to save herself, the Toronto-based musician convinces everyone that the whole Dallas vs. Dillion showdown was staged. She tells Dillon to go make nice with Dallas, and within minutes the former enemies are cooking egg-fried rice together in the kitchen. Emily then uses this ploy to throw further distrust on Dallas, painting him as a liar to the other houseguests.

Dallas’ strategies become increasingly desperate as the week wears on. It’s almost painful to watch as he flips from the veterans to the newbies, pleading and begging for his life in the game. But nobody is actually listening to what he has to say. Sindy dances alone in the HOH room. Kevin fake-flirts with William. Ika has a literal eyebrow-raising makeover courtesy of Gary. Basically, people are doing everything but attach themselves to the sinking ship which is Big Deezy. When all else fails he goes back to the well and tries stirring up Round 2 with Dillon, but it’s too late. Even Dallas’ closest veteran allies, Cass and Ika, know that the jig is up.

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In his eviction speech, Dallas surprisingly blows up Sindy’s game, calling her a snake and the one responsible for Mark leaving last week. It came out of left field seeing as all Sindy did this episode was bust out some funky dance moves. But it shows that even Dallas knows his game is over and is just swinging at anything that moves. He’s booted in a landslide 12-0 vote.

During his eviction interview, Arisa Cox asks Dallas why he threw Sindy under the bus on his way out. He says that he felt Sindy was responsible for him going up on the block and so he wanted to “set her game on fire” before he left. Dallas also admits that he overplayed, telling the BBCAN host, “I played too hard, too fast last time and this time I played even harder and even faster.”

Before the night is over, Arisa kickstarts the next HOH competition, a game of True or False based on an acting task the houseguests had to perform earlier in the day. As the show went off the air only William and Sindy had been eliminated, so we’ll have to tune in on Monday night (or check out the live feeds) to see who came out victorious.

The Star Chart:

Take a look at which houseguests are burning bright and which are fading out…


Emily – the newbie showed some real skill in how she handled being nominated. Emily could have easily rested on her laurels and simply let Dallas blow up his own game, but she took the initiative, spread a little misinformation, and seemingly built new bonds in the process.


Cass – she did brilliantly last week by flipping the house to save Demetres but in the past week she seems to have lost her grip on “The Greek”. Those who follow the live feeds will know how Cass has aliented herself from a large faction of the veterans, caused partly by her insistence on saving Dallas. It leaves her in a vulnerable position going into this week.

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