Charlie Sheen Says There Are HIV Positive Hollywood Stars And He Knows ‘Who They Are’

All eyes were on Charlie Sheen after revealing he was HIV positive back in 2015, but he says there are others like him.

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Sheen, 51, was chatting with Sydney, Australia’s “Kyle & Jackie O” on KIIS 1065 when he was asked “Do you think there are more people in Hollywood that have HIV that wouldn’t dare come out and say it like you did?”

Sheen replied, “There are, and I know who they are.” That list of names, however, is something the former “Two and a Half Men” star will never share. “I will take that to my grave,” he said.

The actor blasted his former sitcom co-star Jenny McCarthy for comments she made about her contact with him on the set of “Two and a Half Men”. Sheen says McCarthy “came out with the HIV s**t” too soon after learning of his diagnosis. “She’s like, ‘I kissed him! I touched him!’ And I was like, ‘B**ch! Your math sucks, I didn’t have it then!’”

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He also raved about a “miracle drug”, during Wednesday’s chat, that is keeping him healthy.

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