It was a wild, wild week for the castaways of “Survivor: Game Changers”. The most recent tribal was among the most chaotic and confusing ever seen on the reality show and one more castaway was cut loose.

Malcolm was the most recent contestant to see his torch snuffed on season 34 of the long-running reality competition. He joins ET Canada’s Erin Cebula and “Survivor” winner Parvati Shallow on “Post Tribal” to discuss his departure on Day 11.

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“It was the craziest thing I’ve ever seen on ‘Survivor’,” Parvati tells her co-host. The show’s most recent joint Tribal council put audience’s directly in the thick of the chaos, as the tribes yelled and whispered back-and-forth and ultimately sent Malcolm packing.

“It was endless tears all day,” the eliminated castaway says of his shocking elimination. Malcolm talks about the endless combinations of huddles that occurred between castaways trying to make sense of the Tribal Council. He says compared to a regular council, Day 11’s was two to three times as long. “At one point I’m pretty sure I ended up in a huddle with Tai and I’ve never met Tai in my life.”

Malcolm was sitting comfortably in the safe zone before the night’s big switch sent him home, but he admits he was starting to sweat a little. “Long term I was starting to sweat a little,” he confesses to the “Post Tribal” hosts. “I had endgame plans with Tony and Caleb,” both of whom were eliminated earlier in the season.

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Cebula points out Malcolm’s strong alliance with J.T., but wonders if the latter made a mistake by getting “too fancy” and “crossing enemy lines”. Reflecting on the incident, Malcolm says he never saw the switch coming. “Me and J.T. were even tighter than it looked on the episode,” he reveals. “From 10 minutes after we got to the beach we hit it off like southern boys sort of.”

He says he relied on J.T. to be his bro to the end, before J.T. spilled the beans on who they were planning to send home.

You can hear the full interview with Caleb in this week’s edition of “Post Tribal”, below:

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