Jane Fonda Not Worried About Keeping It PG When Talking ‘Grace And Frankie’

As always “Grace and Frankie” co-stars Jane Fonda and Lily Tomlin keep us cracking up and their appearance on the “Today Show” Friday was no different.

While on the morning show to promote the new season of their hit Netflix series, which is now streaming, “Today Show” hosts Savannah Guthrie and Carson Daly struggled to keep things PG.

“Normally this would be the section of the interview where I would say, ‘what is the premise of season 3 – what are you selling?’” Guthrie, 45, said after a clip from the show played. “But I can’t think of a PG way to describe what you’re selling.”

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But the outspoken Fonda did what she does best, “At the end of season 2, someone gives us presents and my present is a vibrator,” she said as embarrassment grew in Guthrie and Daly. “Grace has never used a vibrator before – she ends up with carpal tunnel syndrome. And our families make fun of us, so we say we’re going to go into business… making vibrators for older women.”

A red-faced Guthrie exclaimed: “It’s a morning show! Kids are eating their cereal right now!”

“Grace and Frankie” follows unlikely roommates, Fonda and Tomlin, who bond after their husbands come out and leave them for each other.

“The problem is, Grace is a real business woman,” Fonda said of her character. “[Frankie] can’t add up her checkbook. And she’s into vaginal lubrication, which she makes out of yams, which I had thought was jam and put on my toast! She keeps raising the wrong subject because I want to push with the vibrators.”

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“The direction prints are large so we can see them, the on and off buttons glow in the dark, the tip of them moves easy so you don’t have to wreck your wrist,” Fonda added.

After the detailed explanation from Fonda about season three, Guthrie and Daly finally came around and were all laughed, “We have only ourselves to blame,” Guthrie said.

Watch the hilarious interview above.

Season three of “Grace and Frankie” is now streaming on Netflix.

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