Countless fans chased Selena Gomez and The Weeknd’s car down the streets of Sao Paulo, Brazil.

Clips have surfaced on Instagram showing bodies of dedicated fans swarming a vehicle transporting the two recording artists to The Weeknd’s show on Sunday, March 26. The star-hungry fans pressed up against the walls of both the car and a tour bus trailing the musicians.

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Near the end of the clip, security guards can be seen peeling fans away from the car; one girl falls over amid the chaos.

The Instagram fan page that shared the video warned, “We understand everyone wants to meet Selena but this is not safe for anyone. You are putting Selena, [The Weeknd], his team and yourselves in danger.” The fan page also reminded users that “[Selena] has anxiety and panic attacks and it’s a shame you guys would think it’s okay to mob her and jump on her car. [The Weeknd] also has anxiety so it’s really just sad.”

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Another video uploaded by the same user shows the Canadian singer’s bodyguards escorting him and Gomez through crowds at the airport in Sao Paulo on March 25.

The music stars’ relationship first went public after The Weeknd and Gomez were spotted together in Santa Monica on January 11.