Alexander Skarsgard And Nicole Kidman’s Relationship Comes To A Head On ‘Big Little Lies’

No stranger to baring it all on the small screen, Alexander Skarsgard again became an instant viral sensation after Sunday’s episode of “Big Little Lies”.

Fans familiar with the show will know that the relationship between Skarsgard’s character and his wife, played beautifully by Nicole Kidman, can be classified as “tumultuous” at best. The pair consistently shine a spotlight on the power struggle that happens within an abusive relationship, even describing the delicate line they walk as teetering between volatility and passion.

Sunday’s episode was no different, with Perry trying to assert his power over Celeste by “seducing” her in their closet (which is bigger than most couples’ apartments).

After trying to postpone her attendance at Madeline’s long awaited production of “Avenue Q” – which has sparked hostility in their own relationship through Celeste’s decision to go back to work – Perry finds out just how painful it can be, when Celeste shows him that “no” really does mean no by way of a tennis racket.

Adding injury to Celeste’s insult, Perry’s manhood suffers more than just a psychological beating, with viewers quick to hone in on the true issue within the episode: the size of Skarsgard’s penis.


Only time will tell if the HBO or Skarsgard will cop to the assumed prop, but we have a feeling secrets will be revealed next week on the finale of “Big Little Lies,” Sunday at 9 pm ET.

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