Cher Reveals David Letterman Paid $28K Hotel Bill To Have Her On His Show

David Letterman and his show producers went to great lengths to get Cher on “The Late Show”. The singer reveals that when she did her first appearance in 1986, Letterman footed her pricey hotel bill.

During a recent concert in Maryland, the superstar told the story about her first visit on the show, “I had a $28,000 hotel bill and Dave Letterman had always asked me to be on his show,” she revealed to her audience. “And I said, ‘Yes if you have $28,000.’ But they said no.”

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“Then they called back and said yes!” she continued. “The producers said, ‘Why did you never want to be on the show before this?’ and I said, ‘Because [Letterman] is very smart and funny but he can be so cruel if he doesn’t like the people.'”

“Then when he asks me [on the show] why I wouldn’t go on I say, ‘Because you’re and a**hole.'” Watch below at the 3:57 mark.

Even in 2015, Cher appeared as a guest again on Letterman and reminded him that she thinks he’s still an “a**hole.”

“For a number of years, there’s something that I’ve always wanted to get straight between us… This is one thing that I really mean from the bottom of my hear, I’m not kidding, no bulls**t: I really love you and I’m going to miss you,” she said in 2015.

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After the pair hugged, Letterman told Cher, “That’s very sweet of you,” and Cher responded with, “Yes, and you’re still and a**hole.”



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