‘This Is Us’ Star Milo Ventimiglia Reveals Why He Quit Instagram Back In 2013

A variety of celebrities have quit Instagram for a variety of reasons (although they usually return, right Justin Bieber?), but Milo Ventimiglia may be one of the first celebs to exit the social media platform.

As it happens, the “This Is Us” star was way ahead of the curve, quitting Instagram way back in 2013 before most people had even started embracing it, posting his final photo with a one-word caption: “Finito.”


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As Ventimiglia reveals in an interview with Associated Press, the reason for his exit had nothing to do with the usual celebrity reasons — in fact, it was the opposite. Having developed an interest in photography as a child, photography remains a passion for the actor, and Instagram seemed like an innovative way for like-minded shutterbugs to share their work on the Internet.

Or at least that’s what he thought initially, until he began noticing that showcasing photography began taking a backseat to Kardashian-style self-promotion and an endless online parade of selfies.

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“I got into Instagram because I had always been into photography…and Instagram started as a place, a collective group of photographers and artists, to kind of just share their work and their lives. And at a certain point, after doing it for three years, I saw it change into — nobody was looking at the photos, they were asking me about my acting jobs, and I kind of went, oh man. It felt like it had lost what I had grown to love about it as a photographer and I just randomly stopped,” he explained.

“I realized, ‘Wow, this capsule is done.’ I just finished it,” he told AP. “And I don’t need to open it back up to promote the work or anything. I felt like an artist who had a series and he just finished.”

However, Ventimiglia didn’t delete his account, but left his photographs on the site; here’s a sampling:

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