Director Reveals He Read Jennifer Lawrence’s Teenage Diary: ‘She Doesn’t Know It’

Director Uwe Boll is widely regarded as one of cinema’s all-time worst filmmakers, with such video game-based, critically lambasted films as “Postal” and “Bloodrayne” failing to crack double digits on Rotten Tomatoes (they’re rated at 8 per cent and 4 per cent, respectively).

However, thanks to a new profile in Vanity Fair, Boll may be known for something even less desirable: reading Jennifer Lawrence’s teenage diary without her knowledge, and then bragging about it.

In the profile, Boll reveals that he once rented a room in the Los Angeles home owned by the parents of “The Hunger Game” star, where he happened upon the diary she wrote when she was a teenager.

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“You should actually write that in the article,” Boll boasts to Vanity Fair, adding: “She doesn’t know it.”

Thankfully, Boll does not elaborate on what tidbits of teen angst he may have read in the diary, although he does have a few choice words for some other celebrities, including Burt Reynolds (“I thought he was dead,” says Boll after the “Smoky and the Bandit” star passed out on the set of “In the Name of the King: Dungeon Siege”), Kevin Costner (described as “a pr*ck” who “demanded to be picked up by a private jet”) and George Clooney (whom Boll tried to interest in a project, but received “no f***ing response”).



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