Octavia Spencer Discusses Being Dyslexic: ‘Your Brain Functions Differently’

Octavia Spencer is opening up about being dyslexic as an adult, its effect on her and her admiration for teachers.

In an interview with WENN, Spencer, 46, talked about her dyslexia. Although it has impacted her for her whole life, it hasn’t stopped her. “It doesn’t really mean that you’re not intelligent, it just means that your brain functions differently,” the Oscar-winner said.

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Spencer also revealed that she was actually tested for the gifted program as a child. “I was more auditorily inclined than visually,” she said.

For her, it became apparent that her brain worked differently than others at a young age. “I could solve puzzles quicker than the average child. I would start with the mazes at the end and go to the front and be done in, like, 30 seconds,” she revealed.

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The “Hidden Figures” star said you have to let children be themselves and it will allow them to learn, but with certain restrictions. “I don’t know that allowing them to skip grades is good because then they end up in a grade with people who are much more mature than they are,” she warned.

Spencer revealed she had great teachers whom she credits for helping her. She said she feels that teachers work so hard and spend so much time with children they should make as much as some athletes. “When you think about it, they spend the majority of the day with your kids so they should be compensated. They’re also teaching them and shaping their views about themselves. I feel very fortunate that in the public school system in Montgomery, Alabama, I had some wonderful teachers,” she said.



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