‘New Girl’ Reveals Schmidt’s First Name!

Prepare for a spoiler six seasons in the making.

Since “New Girl” premiered in 2011, the answer to one question has eluded fans — what is Schmidt’s first name? The show finally revealed the first name of Max Greenfield’s character during its March 28 episode.

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We give you… Winston Schmidt. His name might cause some ruffles in the loft, considering his roommate’s first name is also Winston. (Lamorne Morris).

Showrunners Brett Baer and Dave Finkel say the “New Girl” writers have toyed with the mystery of Schmidt’s name since the very first season of the show. “It was much more Hebraic,” Finkel told The A.V. Club of the evolution of the bit. “We just decided that it was not the right time, and that it was too soon, and that we were shooting ourselves in the foot, comedy-wise,” added Baer.

The character’s name was teased on two episodes in season five — written on the fake letters from Schmidt’s childhood hero, Michael Keaton, and the Schmidt-Parekh nuptials. “There’s closeups of the invitation—we very artfully cover Schmidt’s first name with his thumb.”

The team did their research before making the big reveal. “We obviously wanted to hold our fire for as long as we possibly could,” Baer said. “We also didn’t know if this was the end of the road, so we wanted to finally do it,” Finkel explained, referring to the fact that Fox has yet to pick up “New Girl” for a seventh season.

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The showrunners reveal Schmidt’s first name will come into play in the season-six finale, but should have little impact on how the character is perceived. “In the end, Schmidt is Schmidt,” Finkel revealed. “I’m Dave Finkel, but everyone has called me Finkel my entire life. I think my parents even call me Finkel. Once it becomes a part of your personality, it doesn’t change that much.”

The season six finale of “New Girl” airs April 4.

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