Julianne Moore, Matt Damon Love George Clooney As A Director

George Clooney charmed CinemaCon audiences alongside Julianne Moore and Matt Damon this week, debuting new footage from his passion project “Suburbicon”.

The film, set to hit theatres November 3, was penned by the Coen Brothers and directed by Clooney. The filmmaker, actor and first time father-to-be tells Matte Babel what it was like bringing the film to life.

“I dusted it off a couple of years ago, and found it when looking for a good script to direct,” Clooney says. “[I] called up the boys, the Coen Brothers and asked them if it was alright if I took a spin with it and they said ‘take a run.'”

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On why he hunted for the 30-year-old screenplay, Clooney says, “You can make a bad film out of a good script, but you can’t make a good film out of a bad script.” Adding, “it’s a long search for finding good words.”

Clooney, who’s expecting twins this spring with wife Amal, was surprised by a gift on the red carpet.

Meanwhile, Clooney’s cast describes him with “good words” when asked about his talents as a director.

“He was great, he honestly was fantastic,” “Suburbicon” star Julianne Moore reveals of Clooney. “He was very supportive, he’s always prepared. he’s got a great vision for what he wants to accomplish …days were short,” she jokes.

At this time not a lot is known about the film, other than what audiences saw at CinemaCon. The trailer reportedly centres around a picturesque blonde housewife being interrogated about the events surrounding a life insurance policy and the suspicious death it involves.

Clooney and Moore tease a spoiler (of sorts) regarding her character, saying “she plays twins.” It remains to be seen how that will be twisted into the dark storyline, but there’s decidedly more known about Moore’s co-star in the film, Matt Damon.

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Seen in the trailer as a bespectacled, buttoned-up man, whose wife died in a crime, it seems Damon’s character is followed by increasing violence. There’s a part in the trailer where a car bursts into flames and his character rides off on a kid’s trike.

Damon doesn’t give up any details about his character, but he does mirror Moore’s words about his friend, Clooney, and his directorial talents.

“He’s alright,” Damon jokes to Matte, adding, “he’s a really brilliant director, I hate to say it because he seems to have everything going for him.”

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