Update: The Navy Revokes Honorary Title From Cosby

UPDATE(December 4, 2014 – 15:25 P.M.):

The US Navy has revoked Bill Cosby’s honourary title of chief petty officer, which he was presented with back in 2011.

Navy Secretary Ray Mabus and Master Chief Petty Officer Michael Stevens made the announcement today, saying the allegations of sexual abuse made against the comedian are serious and conflict with the Navy’s core values.

Cosby enlisted in the Navy back in 1956 and served with them for four years before being honourably discharged.

December 4, 2014 – 10:10 pm – American civil rights lawyer Gloria Allred gathered three of Bill Cosby’s accusers to hold a press conference in Los Angeles on Wednesday.

Victims Chelan, Beth Ferrier and Helen Hayes held back tears as they described their encounters with Cosby.

Chelan, who was an aspiring model at the time, told the media that Cosby had given her a blue pill prior to the assault. “I laid down. He laid down next to me on the bed and began pinching my left nipple and humping my leg while he was grunting,”; she said.

After blacking out, Chelan awoke several hours later “by hearing Mr. Cosby clapping his hands and saying, “Daddy says wake up,'” she continued. “He gave me $1,500.”;

Ferrier also described being drugged by the former NBC star. “”;The next thing I knew, hours passed and I woke up in the back of my car alone,” she explained. “My clothes were a mess; my bra was undone. My car was in the alleyway behind the venue. I felt disoriented. I had no idea what happened to me.”;

Ferrier first came forward with her claims in 2005 when she was Jane Doe #5 in Andrea Constand’s assault case against the much-beloved television dad.

Hayes met Cosby at Clint Eastwood’s Celebrity Tennis Tournament in 1973. After being followed by Cosby “all day,” the comedian grabbed Hayes’ right breast. “His behavior was like that of a predator,” she revealed.

Allred proposed two methods for Cosby’s accusers to obtain justice. First, she advised Cosby to waive the statute of limitations on all allegations brought forth against him.

And as a second option, she proposed that the comedian place $100 million into a fund and a panel of retired judges would award compensation to any credible accusers.

UPDATE: One of the few voices raised in support of Bill Cosby after all those allegations of sexual assault has been that of Whoopi Goldberg, and today Cosby thanked the View host in a short tweet:


The timing of Cosby’s tweet is interesting, coming just hours after Judith Huth’s lawsuit was filed.

On a recent episode of The View, Goldberg addressed co-host Rosie O’Donnell’s query about why Cosby had paid out-of-court settlements to several accusers in the past. “Settlements don’t necessarily mean you’re guilty,”; said Goldberg. “You generally settle because you just don’t want to put your family through it again, you don’t want to keep going through it again and again and again… You really have to take a minute and follow the evidence — follow what happened. We’ll know when we know. That’s what I know.”;

Yet another shocking development in the Bill Cosby sex scandal as another accuser comes forward to launch a lawsuit alleging the once-beloved sitcom dad sexually assaulted her and her 16-year-old friend at the Playboy Mansion when she was only 15.

Judith Huth, now 55, filed the lawsuit in Los Angeles on Tuesday, seeking punitive damages from Cosby for inflicting “severe and extreme emotional distress.”;

As Variety reports, Huth claims that she and a 16-year-old female friend met Cosby on a movie set in 1974, and accepted an invite to meet him a week later at an L.A. tennis club. Huth alleges that Cosby played pool with them, and insisted that the under-age girls drink alcohol every time he won a game.

Cosby then allegedly took the girls to a nearby house, that Huth eventually recognized as Hugh Hefner’s famed Playboy Mansion. It was there, she claims, that Cosby “proceeded to sexually molest her by attempting to put his hand down her pants, then taking her hand in his hand and performing a sex act on himself without her consent.”;

As with the previous allegations, Cosby has refused to comment. His lawyer, Martin Singer, however, issued a statement a few weeks ago refuting all claims and accusing the media of vilifying his client. “Over and over again, we have refuted these new unsubstantiated stories with documentary evidence, only to have a new uncorroborated story crop up out of the woodwork,” said Singer. “When will it end? It is long past time for this media vilification of Mr. Cosby to stop.”;




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