‘Fatal Attraction’ Crew Boiled A Real Bunny For That Famous Scene

Leading Lady, the new biography about Sherry Lansing from writer and author Stephen Galloway, reveals endless secrets from the former Paramount CEO’s reign.

One such discovery? According to Lansing’s book, via excerpts in The Hollywood Reporter, things took a turn on the set of “Fatal Attraction” when the crew boiled a real bunny for that memorable ending.

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In the film, Glenn Close’s character, Alex, has the ultimate revenge on Michael Douglas’s character, Dan. She breaks into his family’s home and kills their pet bunny by boiling it in a pot. It turns out that a real bunny was used in the scene.

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The crew bought a rabbit from a local butcher to use for filming. The twist is that the rabbit was already dead and not boiled alive.

“We tried to take its innards out to make it real,” director Adrian Lyne said in Lansing’s book. “But then it didn’t have any heft. It was just like a little bit of skin. So we had to boil it with all of its innards, and the stench was beyond belief. That probably helped [actor] Anne Archer because the smell was so bad,” he revealed.



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