Lisa Kudrow Flails Like A Fish While James Corden Fires A Lemon At Her

Lisa Kudrow was a tad sour about having a lemon fired at her face with a cannon.

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The former “Friends” star joined fellow femme fatales Jessica Chastain and Victoria Beckham on “The Late Late Show with James Corden” for a game of “Flinch”.

The celebrities took turns standing behind a clear, plastic screen while Corden fired assorted fruit at them from a cannon at close range. Chastain and Beckham put in solid efforts trying not to flinch, but Kudrow was too afraid to even face the cannon! She flailed her arms and turned in circles while begging the talk show host to get it over with.

Toward the end of the segment, the women were afforded their chance at payback when Corden took place behind the plastic screen. The three ladies managed to catch Corden off-guard, as Beckham fired a shot that had the comedian’s head snapping back in fear.

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Chastain stars in “The Zookeeper’s Wife”, in theatres everywhere Friday, March 31.

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