Winning an immunity idol is typically the only guarantee of survival that a castaway has when going into Tribal Council — unless that person decides not to use it.

That’s what viewers witnessed this week when J.T. Thomas decided to keep his immunity idol hidden, while a discussion with Jeff and Sandra led him to feel he’d be safe — which, as we saw, was not the case. Instead, he found himself the victim of Sandra’s revenge plot, resulting in a good old-fashioned Jeff Probst torch-snuffing.

Jeffrey Neira/CBS Entertainment ©2017 CBS Broadcasting, Inc. All Rights Reserved.
Jeffrey Neira/CBS Entertainment ©2017 CBS Broadcasting, Inc. All Rights Reserved.

J.T. looks back regretfully at his bad decision in this week’s edition of ET Canada’s Post Tribal podcast, joining Erin Cebula and Parvati Shallow for their breakdown of this week’s episode.

Parv kicks off the interview with what is literally the million-dollar question: “What went down with you not bringing your idol to Tribal Council?”

“Obviously I wished I would have taken it,” says J.T. “When I found it, I found it shortly before Tribal, and I really didn’t want to be caught finding it like I was on ‘Heroes vs. Villians’ where all of a sudden I had a liability rather than an asset. I immediately ran to a remote place and hid it in the short amount of time I had.”

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As he explains, during the hour leading up to Tribal Council, he “hashed it out” with Jeff and Sandra to “figure out what the plan was” and felt so strongly that it was going to be Michaela exiting the game that he didn’t want to risk revealing he was hiding an immunity idol.

“Basically, as simple as I can be, I thought Michaela had rubbed everyone wrong so much and they were ready to get rid of her as much as I was. And they were, just not so much this time. You know, it was more important for Sandra to get revenge than to make the obvious decision.”

You can hear more from J.T. in this week’s Post Tribal podcast, below:

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