Actress Claudia Cardinale Weighs In On Cannes Poster Photoshop Controversy: ‘I See No Attack On The Female Form’

Controversy ensued when organizers for the Cannes Film Festival introduced its new poster for the 2017 fest, featuring an iconic photo of Italian actress Claudia Cardinale captured mid-spin, her dress twirling along with her.

While there’s nothing controversial about the photo itself — taken in 1959 — some modern-day Photoshopping is causing no end of buzz after a GIF of the original photo and the new poster was posted online. In comparing the two, it becomes evident that Cardinale’s waist and thighs have been made slimmer in the new version.

Naturally, the French media was eager to weigh in. “Between the original and the copy, Claudia Cardinale dropped a dress size,” wrote French magazine Liberation (as reported by Deadline), while Telerama sniped: “While the poster is magnificent, we can see and deplore that the photograph has been largely retouched… Pity.”

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However, Cardinale herself has issued a response to quell the controversy, admitting she doesn’t see what all the fuss is about.

“I don’t have any comment to make on the artistic work done on this image,” she wrote in a statement, shared on Twitter by AFP, which hosts the celebrated annual film festival. “It’s a poster, which beyond representing me, represents a dance, a flight. The photo was retouched to accentuate the effect of lightness and to transpose me into a dream character; it’s a sublimation. Concerns over realism have no place here, and, as a committed feminist, I see no attack on the female form. There are other things happening in the world right now that are more important to be discussing. It’s only cinema, let’s not forget that.”



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