Third Evictee Is Booted From ‘Big Brother Canada’, Plus Backwards Week Begins

SPOILER ALERT: If you haven’t watched tonight’s eviction episode of “Big Brother Canada”, then STOP READING NOW! Spoilers lie ahead….















BBCAN’s Persian Princess is forced to hang up her crown and Backwards Week begins with twisted nominations. In another unanimous vote, Cassandra is unceremoniously sent packing by the entire house after being deemed manipulative and disloyal.

Cassandra’s exit marks not only the second veteran to be eliminated but the complete decimation of the Season 4 returnees. Her reputation as a shrewd and cunning strategist made her a huge target especially in the eyes of the original Persian Princess, Neda. Fans across Canada might have dreamed of a Persian Pact between the two all-star players, but unfortunately, those fantasies only exist in the world of Tumblr fan fiction.

When Neda became Head of Household, she immediately set her sights on Cassandra — after learning that Cass was initially coming after her before Neda had won immunity. Using Jackie as a pawn, Neda nominated Cassandra and made it clear that she was her target. Cassandra’s luck didn’t get any better when she made a fashion faux pas at the Power of Veto competition and was knocked out in Round 1. Despite fake tears and heart-tugging pleas to Veto winner William, Cassandra was unable to get herself off the block.

In tonight’s episode, Cassandra tries valiantly to gather the six votes she needs to stay. It seems she has allies in Gary and the French Connection (Dre and William), a trio who are becoming increasingly tired of painting on fake smiles for those in power. Karen also looks to be a potential vote given her intense dislike of Jackie — and you don’t want to be on the wrong side of Karen, or you’ll get the machine gun middle fingers.

The swing votes are Ika and Demetres, and it really comes down to which side of the bed Ika got out of that morning. Up until now, Ika has remained loyal to the main veteran alliance — Neda, Sindy, Bruno, and Kevin. Together with Demetres, who was deemed cool enough to sit with the popular kids, this alliance of six has controlled the house so far. But Ika is double-dipping and both sides of the house believe they have her on their side. Gary works his glitter off trying to convince Ika that keeping Cassandra is better for both their games going forward but it’s unclear if Ika is truly on board.

Ultimately, the plan to save Cassandra is about as successful as Gary and William trying to play pool. A combination of distrust in Cassandra and fear of reprisal from those in power ends with the Persian Princess leaving in a soul crushing 11-0 vote. It’s a blow to the season to lose such a prominent character this early in the game; Cassandra can always be relied upon to stir up some drama or deliver a killer soundbite. The house will definitely feel emptier without her.

In talking to Arisa Cox, Cassandra admits, “I couldn’t get myself out of this one, and I didn’t have the loyalty I had last season,” referring to her close alliance with Tim which saw them reach the Final 4 last year. She also says she doesn’t blame Gary for voting with the house but is concerned he’ll be a target next week due to his campaigning for her to stay.

Arisa then reveals the latest time-bending twist to the houseguests. “Backwards Week” will see the next week play out entirely in reverse, starting where the week usually ends, with two houseguests sitting on the block. Instead of the usual HOH competition, Arisa invites the unsuspecting houseguests one-by-one to the Bridge where she instructs them to give two nominations. The two houseguests with the most votes will be nominated, and the Veto and HOH comp will take place later in the week.

Neda begins the proceedings by nominating Gary and Dre, proving Cassandra’s concerns for Gary valid. Dre is up next but we end the night with her still pondering her decision. Arisa lets the audience know that it will be the HOH who will hold the ultimate power when it comes to the next eviction. Check out the official BBCAN website for full details on how the twist will work and tune in on Monday to see who ends up on the block.

The Star Chart:

Take a look at which houseguests are burning bright and which are fading out…


Sindy – she is playing such a different game than in her first season, and it’s working brilliantly. She is in the majority alliance but doesn’t stand out as the leader. She also knows when to make a move and when to keep her mouth shut – the way she kept quiet during that tense Neda and Ika talk in Wednesday’s episode was fantastic. When the tables turn against the core six, and they will, Sindy should be able to escape unscathed.


Ika – on paper she is safe. She’s in the majority and has power. But her flip-flopping all over the house is eventually going to catch up with her. Her minor confrontation with Neda earlier in the week already started painting a target on her back, and the closer she gets with Demetres is going to make them stick out as a power couple. If Ika continues to be wishy-washy, she’ll face a similar fate to Cassandra.

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