Stephen Colbert welcomed Joey McIntyre to “The Late Show” on Friday, and although the youngest member of New Kids on the Block was there to promote his new TV series “Return of the Mac,” Colbert was far more interested in his time with NKOTB.

McInDuring their discussion, Colbert wanted to get McIntyre’s take on the current crop of boy bands. “Do you pay attention to, like, One Direction or the 5 Seconds of Summer?” asked the host.

“To me, they’re not technically boy bands, though,” said McIntyre. “‘Cause they just get up there and stand around and sing.”

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Colbert begged to differ: “But they’re a boy and they’re a band.”

This did not dissuade McIntyre. “No, no, no, no. We all know that if you’re a boy band, you have to sing and dance,” he replied, eliciting cheers from the studio audience. “I mean, that’s it, right? The boy band has to — these kids don’t know what they’re missing!”

And with that, McIntyre attempted to teach Colbert one of NKOTB’s signature moves — which did not go well.

Meanwhile, New Kids on the Block will soon be releasing a new EP, “Thankful”, the first new music we’ve heard from the guys in some time. “Thankful” is set to be released on May 18, the same day that NKOTB kicks off their Total Package Tour alongside Paula Abdul and Boyz II Men.

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