With filming on “Pitch Perfect 3” currently underway in Atlanta, star Rebel Wilson was exiting her trailer Saturday when she took a tumble down the stairs.

When onlookers rushed to the fallen actress’s side, she was bleeding profusely from what appeared to be a huge gash on her leg. As worried crew-members surrounded her, Wilson then sprung a surprise: the whole thing was a bloody (and bloody hilarious) April Fool’s Day prank.

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The Aussie comedienne shared her prank with the Twitterverse, posting a picture of herself sprawled on the concrete while her faux bloodied leg is clearly visible.

“I just played the best April Fools’ gag on my crew with 1000 extras waiting inside,” she wrote.

In a subsequent tweet, Wilson shared video of the prank, capturing the moment of her big reveal when she yells, “April Fools!”

Shortly before Wilson issued her tweet, “Pitch Perfect” co-star Anna Kendrick sent out her own tweet, which seemed somewhat cryptic at the time but made perfect sense after Wilson’s prank revelation.

Here’s how the whole thing unfolded on social media, courtesy of Twitter moments: