Naomi Watts Hilariously Busts Sneaky Fan Who Took Secret Pic Of Her On The Subway

It’s been said that revenge is a dish best served cold, and Naomi Watts is finally enjoying a taste nearly a year after a fan took a covert photo of the “King Kong” star while she rode the subway in New York City.

Watts was apparently none the wiser, or so thought photographer Aubrey Lofgren when she slyly took a photo of Watts while she rode the subway back in May 2016, thinking Watts was none the wiser.

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It wasn’t until nearly a year later that somebody happened upon one of Watts’ Instagram posts, shared on the same day, demonstrating that not only was Watts aware she was being photographed, she took her own sneaky revenge pic and posted it. Once the dots between these two seemingly unrelated Instagram posts were connected does the hilarious story emerge.

“Think you’re pretty sneaky?” writes Watts in her clever response, adding the hashtags #gotyou #snap #subwayscenes.

This tweet of admiration pretty much sums it up:



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