Kelly Osbourne Opens Up About Drug Abuse To Cope With Bullying: ‘I Hated Myself’

Growing up in the limelight can be a bittersweet.

For Kelly Osbourne, fame was a nightmare. The middle child of Ozzy and Sharon Osbourne was constantly harassed. “People would call and tell me to stop eating doughnuts because I was fat,” the TV personality recalls in the new issue of Us Weekly. “I would cry my eyes out. I hated myself.”

Osbourne turned to prescription drugs to help cope with her depression. The 17-year-old Kelly we saw in 2002 on ‘The Osbournes’ was self-medicating daily “to make myself feel better.”

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Four subsequent stints in rehab and the star is finally clean. “I realized only I could save myself.” Eight years sober, the now 32-year-old details her journey in her memoir, There Is No F**king Secret: Letters From a Badass B**ch,  in the hope that “people will know they’re not alone.”

The prescription pills didn’t just mask her emotional pain, it also masked her physical pain. Unbeknownst to her, the multi-talented star was suffering from undiagnosed Lyme disease. Finally clean, Osbourne became concerned with the physical pains she began experiencing. This lead her to alternative medicine practioner, Philip Battiade.

“I’d first met him when he treated my brother for MS,” she explained. “When I met with Philip, I assured him that I hadn’t used unprescribed drugs in years and that I thought I had Lyme disease. I had started entering my symptoms into online quizzes, and the results kept coming back Lyme disease.”

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“For the first time, someone listened to me, and I got tested. The results were positive: I had stage III neurological Lyme disease. I was relieved to finally know what was going on, but I was also scared s**tless,” she continued. “I stayed for two weeks. I was experiencing emotions and feelings again. I’d been in a diseased and doctor-approved drug-induced haze for so long that I didn’t know what it was like to be happy or sad or in pain.”

“Every pill I ever took ruined me. I’ve been lucky to be given a second chance. I’ll never blow it again,” Osbourne tells Us Weekly.

When one battle ends, another begins. Osbourne had put her demons at bay, but she turned to food for comfort. At her heaviest, the five-foot-two star reached 160 pounds. “It was humiliating,” she recalled. To shed pounds, she signed on for ABC’s Dancing With the Stars in 2009: “I was convinced I’d be voted off the first week.”

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“I can honestly say that [DWTS pro] Louis van Amstel changed my life. He was one of the first people in my entire life, outside of my family, who was 100 per cent there for me. I showed up to my first day of rehearsal on an empty stomach. Halfway through, I puked. Louis took one look at me bent over a trashcan and sighed.”

It was Amstel who taught Osbourne “how to eat mostly lean protein and vegetables — as opposed to fat and carbs, which were what I usually ate — and to adjust how many calories I ate according to how much I practised.”

So what compelled the 32-year-old to share her life story?

“I was a f**ked-up ugly duckling who somehow emerged a lavender swan. I went from being the girl mums told their kids to stay away from to the girl mums follow on social media and stop in the street to ask for advice about their own daughters’ struggles. So after fielding the same question what seemed about 50 million times, I decided to write this book because: THERE IS NO F**KING SECRET!”




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