Katey Sagal Calls ‘Married … With Children’ Misogynistic On The Show’s 30th Anniversary

“Married … With Children” premiered on April 5, 1987 on Fox 30 years ago. The show aired for 10 seasons and has become one of the most beloved sitcoms.

It appears Katey Sagal, who played Peggy Bundy, isn’t too fond of some of the show’s themes. During an interview with AOL’s BUILD series on Monday, Sagal discussed the show’s legacy.

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Sagal, 63, talks about her time on the hit series in her upcoming memoir, Grace Notes: My Recollections. The actress told AOL that looking back on the show, she doesn’t agree with the show’s portrayal of women.

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“It was a very misogynistic show,” Sagal said. “It was when I really, clearly understood that my job as an actor was to interpret the material. It’s not necessarily my belief system. My belief system has nothing to do with being an actor,” she continued. She says she was hired to play the part and that part was to be exploited.

She went on to say that people ask her if she really agreed with Peggy’s personality and beliefs, and if not, how could she have been on a show like that. “I was really clear that I don’t believe in censorship, and I also believe that it’s my job as an actor to interpret the material – it’s not my belief,” she explained.

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“If you’re asking me, do I think women should be portrayed in a misogynistic way, in an exploited way, of course I don’t think that. But playing Peg Bundy had nothing to do with what I thought. That was my job,” Sagal said about playing the iconic character.

Since her time on the show, Sagal has starred in countless hit series like “8 Simple Rules”, “Lost” and “Sons of Anarchy”. Looking back on her time on the series, she looks at the show as a satire and nothing more.

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“Suddenly, it dawned on us that this is not just a satire to everybody,” she said. “Some people are really, truly relating to this, and that’s when I would get these very serious questions about a show that was really only meant to be funny. It was meant to be funny and to entertain and to laugh at ourselves. And I always got it as that, but some people took it really seriously,” Sagal continued.

She may not agree with the show’s messaging, but she would be open for a reunion. She told ABC News on Wednesday that David Faustino has been trying to put something together. “I don’t know if it will happen. … Maybe that’s the fate of the Bundys, to never come back! Like everybody else does, but we don’t.”

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