Fans Wants Chance The Rapper To Run For Mayor Of Chicago — And Drake Agrees!

While some fans are anxiously awaiting the next musical project from Chance the Rapper, a substantial segment of his fanbase would like to see him embark on a different career path: politics.

In fact, a group of fans have a very specific job in mind for the “Coloring Book” rapper, launching a website urging Chance to run for mayor of Chicago.

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The website,, was inspired by some lyrics in Chance’s “Somewhere in Paradise,” in which he raps: “they say I’m savin’ my city, say I’m stayin’ for good/ They screamin’ Chano for mayor, I’m thinkin’ maybe I should.” It also didn’t hurt that Chance recently donated $1 million to Chicago’s struggling public school system, while Chicago’s next mayoral election is set for 2019.

The movement appears to be gathering steam in the Twitterverse, with numerous fans posting their support, as evidenced by this sampling of tweets:

That fervour apparently extends to other famous rappers as well, as evidenced by a brief comment made by Drake as he was filmed by paparazzi while exiting TAO restaurant in L.A. “Hey, do you think Chance the Rapper will make a good mayor of Chicago?” a paparazzo asked Drake.

“Yeah,” Drizzy responded, “I do.”

Meanwhile, Chance hasn’t spoken out about whether he’ll throw his iconic “3” hat into the ring in 2019, but he did take to Twitter to send out some gratitude Drake’s way:




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