Feist is set to release her new album, ‘Pleasure,’ on April 28.

In advance of its release, she previewed a new track of the upcoming album on Zane Lowe’s World Record show on Apple Music’s Beats 1 today.

In addition, Feist also discussed when she realized she had found sonic template for “Pleasure”.

“I write on my own pretty much and in 2014 or something I don’t remember I had been done touring ‘Metals’ and I’d been sitting kind of in that sort of airlock after tour where you’re just kind of taking a deep breath and trying to remember the scope of normal life and yeah now what,” she explained. “And some wise part of me decided I needed to do a solo tour, like a little remembering where I came from kind of tour.”

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She added: “Because ‘Metals’ was a big record with a lot of people involved, like seven of us on stage. They’re so heavy. That was a rare moment too because they are not Mountain Man anymore, they’ve split off and become many other amazing musics. But it was a kind of an albatross, like a really satisfying one, but something about that moment after the touring was done… I remembered I toured solo for so many years and I would just sort of yank my guitar and suitcase with the amp in it and I would just get on people’s buses and open for them and I cut my teeth doing that for years and I wanted to sort of fess up and make sure that I could still do that.”


Feist also opened up about living life on her own terms. “I only have one motivation — is to compel myself to be interested in what is going on and to feel like it’s an honest — whatever step I take or whatever floor I sweep I want to do it fully,” she said. “And there was a thought maybe that I wanted to make sure I was still doing this for the right reasons, not just cause it’s there for me to do. Sort of like there’s a car, it’s revving the engine is, you just have to get in and drive away. Where am I going and why did 16-year-old Leslie decide what forever Leslie was going to be doing? And it had been at that point 20 something years I’d been making records and touring and I just wanted to does take a breath and see if I was supposed to be a macramé teacher or go back to school and become a scientist.”