Report: A Drunk Shia LaBeouf Goes Off On ‘F**king Racist’ At Bowling Alley

Shia LeBeouf was reportedly kicked out of a bowling alley in Los Angeles after erupting into a tirade of expletives.

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The video was captured by another bowler, according to TMZ, and shows LaBeouf yelling at an individual off-screen. The irate and reportedly inebriated actor can be heard shouting, “You f**king racist! F**k you!”

A reported eye witness says LaBeouf, 30, was bowling at Pinz in Studio City and slamming back beers for three hours before the verbal altercation occurred. The second half of the video shows LaBeouf fleeing from the premises after returning his bowling shoes.

No cause for the outburst has been revealed, but the “Fury” actor has had trouble with altercations in the past. He was arrested in 2005 and charged with assault with a deadly weapon after threatening his neighbour by driving into his car. He was also involved in an altercation with a patron at a bar in Los Angeles on Feb. 5, 2011 that ended in handcuffs.

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LaBeouf is set to play American tennis player John McEnroe in the upcoming Swedish biographical film “Borg vs. McEnroe”.

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