Brad Paisley Skewers Selfies In New Video

It’s pretty safe to assume Brad Paisley does not own a selfie stick and he’d probably snap yours in half. The country star doesn’t just take aim at ubiquitous selfie culture in the brand new video for his song, Selfie#TheInternetIsForever, he fires shot after shot after shot.

The hilarious vid, which the singer appropriately shared on Facebook, features unfortunate selfie after unfortunate selfie. Whether it’s bathroom snaps, photos with disgusting things happening in the background (like a defecating dog) or the inexplicable trend of taking selfies at funerals, Paisley has no patience for any of it and he really, really wants you to just stop. Now.

The video, which he calls “a paid public service announcement” is, at times, a cautionary tale warning of dangers like an ill-placed mirror (look for a cameo by his pixelated rear end here). And at other times, a cultural indictment, mercilessly mocking social media oversharing, asking “why you gotta go and tweet it, when you really just oughta delete it?”

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Even Paisley’s wife, actress Kimberly Williams-Paisley, gets in on the fun, appearing in the video in a selfie with her husband relaxing in the bathtub in the background at the part of the song where he sings, “”if you’re texting some girl you just met picture of your little Brett Favre, you oughta be ashamed.” We’re gonna take a wild guess and assume in this instance, “little Brett Favre” is code for “penis.” No word on how the former NFL quarterback feels about this. Maybe he’ll post about it on social media?



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