Fourth Evictee Exits ‘Big Brother Canada’ As Backwards Week Ends

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All that glitters is not gold for Gary as he becomes the victim of Backwards Week and the fourth houseguest evicted from the BBCAN Odyssey.

Holding the sole vote to evict, Head of Household Demetres hammers the final nail into Gary’s glitter-covered coffin, sparing Dre, and sending another veteran packing. Gary hasn’t had this much bad luck since Topaz cost him a victory in Season 1 by accidentally voting for Jillian. Losing Gary so soon after Cass is another massive blow to the season’s fun factor and allows the Core Six alliance to continue their dominance over the house.

Backwards Week was supposed to shake up the game by creating a wrinkle in time and space, but all it did was add wrinkles to Gary’s face due to all the stress. The secret nominations twist meant those in the majority were able to dictate the votes, putting Gary and Dre up on the block. The week went from bad to worse for the nominees when Neda won the Power of Veto, keeping the nominations the same.

Neda, who was awarded immunity until jury by Canada in Week 1, has a stranglehold on the game. When not using the show as a platform to advertise her fashion line, she’s using those around her to control the pace and mood of the season. Neda orders the houseguests to insult Sindy as if she’s conducting a Comedy Roast live from the BBCAN house. Except Sindy isn’t laughing, she is actually hurt by Neda’s actions – and this is how she treats a member of her alliance!

Anyone that poses a threat to Neda, like Cass and Gary, are soon ostracized – just look at all the Slop votes Gary received in Wednesday’s episode. Even when Cass makes a cameo appearance in tonight’s luxury task, Neda rolls her eyes and shoots down Gary for daring to compliment her fallen arch-nemesis. Ika calls Cass the villain of the season, but Gary fires back “Honey, you don’t know who the villain is until you watch the show,” as the camera lands firmly on Neda.

It’s not as if the house is blind to Neda’s power. Karen for one is well aware of it, but she is another that’s an outcast within the house, so has no standing to make a move. But even those in Neda’s alliance, such as Ika and Demetres, are tiring of her reign of terror but right now are seemingly afraid to do anything about it. Of course, the fear partly comes from the fact nobody can directly target Neda until jury.

Gary says he isn’t going to give up, but you can always tell when Gary’s heart isn’t in it, and it’s when he can’t even be bothered to put on make-up. Ika tries to lift up his spirits, opening his eyes to those that are feeding him lies (like Kevin). She tells him to dig down deep to find “Season 1 Gary” and not let these people make him look like a sucker. Ika’s evictee pep talks are becoming a weekly occurrence, but they’re always too little too late.

Gary reminds Demetres of his earlier promise and argues that if he keeps him, he can be used to go after the other side. “War needs to begin,” Gary declares. But when it comes to the eviction vote, Demetres ultimately decides to vote out Gary, once again giving Neda exactly what she wanted. In his eviction interview, Gary tells Arisa Cox, “I did everything I could and a little bit more.” He also makes a bold prediction that “Demetres’ ass will be sitting out here next week.”

Will Gary’s prophecy come true? It could all come down to William, who is able to win the trivia tie breaker at the end of the show to become the new Head of Household. With Arisa promising a double eviction next week, this could finally be time for someone to strike against the Core Six alliance.

The Star Chart:

Take a look at which houseguests are burning bright and which are fading out…


William – not just because he won a much needed HOH, but because he seems to be playing a really solid social game. He has close friendships with both the newbies and the veterans, and nobody ever mentions his name as a target. He is also unassuming, people underestimate him which puts him in a perfect position to make moves. Now with some actual power in his hands, it will be interesting to see what he does with it.


Neda – it might seem weird to put Neda here seeing as she is technically immune right now, but Arisa did say that jury is approaching, which means Neda’s security blanket is about to be ripped away. Neda is one of BBCAN’s greatest players, and she is in the majority at the minute, but her attitude this season is clearly putting people off – even members of her own alliance. If Neda doesn’t work on her social game, she could find the power shifting very quickly once her safety is over.

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