Michael Buble Talks Christmas Special, Family Time

It wouldn’t be a Canadian Christmas without an annual holiday special from crooner Michael Buble.  This year, the Vancouver native has chosen to set up shop at Radio City Hall, New York for his star-studded special.
“I got Miss Piggy, I got Ariana Grande, I got Barbara Streisand,” Buble tells Rick Campanelli, adding, “this thing is so good.”
Airing this Wednesday, Michael Buble’s Christmas In New York is sure to delight families and fans, something Michael is very excited about. “It’s fast and entertaining and funny and sweet,” he says, telling us that all the hard work is “absolutely”; more than worth it.
We inquired whether putting a lot of work into his Chrismas special meant that Michael’s family might be missing out on having their son home for Christmas.
Not a chance! Michael tells Rick he’ll be heading home to spend the holidays with the Buble clan.  “There’s a joy of having that little boy run around, but what is great is my wife’s sister has got a newborn, his name is Benecio and he’ll be there and my sisters each have two of their own little kids and it’s just, I mean kids all running around and going crazy.”
“It’s funny the joke everybody says, you buy them these beautiful presents and then they end up playing with the box for like two hours,” he reveals. “But that’s what it’s all about man, it’s all about those kids and it’s all about building that tradition and hopefully giving your family what they gave you.”
Tunein to ET Canada for more of our interview with Michael Buble at 7:30 p.m. ET, but you can catch a clip below right now!
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