News Anchor Caught Daydreaming During Live TV Broadcast, And Her Reaction Is Hysterical

Few people can say they’ve never done a little daydreaming on the job, but this can become particularly embarrassing when that job involves appearing on live television.

That’s what Australian TV news anchor Natasha Exelby learned the hard way while anchoring a news broadcast, absentmindedly fidgeting with her fingernails between segments — only to be caught completely unaware when the camera returned to her.

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The moment she realizes she’s actually on the air is beyond priceless as she reacts with wide-eyed horror — watch:

Exelby’s on-air flub is an instant classic, much like this recent local news broadcast from Virginia in which the host tells viewers to “check your panties.”

Turns out the screw-up wasn’t with the anchor, but with whoever wrote the script for the teleprompter and botched the line “check your pantries” — he was simply following the script!




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