Jennifer Hudson Reveals Her Son Was Not Pleased She Had To Kiss Adam Sandler In ‘Sandy Wexler’

Jennifer Hudson is getting ready to laugh her way through the showbiz comedy “Sandy Wexler” with Adam Sandler, but it’s her son, David  Otunga Jr., who is getting familiar with the world of show business.

“I love being able to have him exposed to my world,” the Oscar-winning actress and former “American Idol” contestant says.

Earlier this year, Hudson brought David onto stage with her during her gig as a judge on the UK edition of “The Voice” to help her choose singers for her team.  “I love it. I love being able to have him exposed to my world,” she tells ET Canada’s Matte Babel.

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According to Hudson, he may be destined for the stage.  It’s no wonder considering his mom’s performing background and dad, David Otunga, is a retired professional wrestler.

“He’s turned into a little performer himself,” she reveals to ET Canada.  “He’s a dancer.”

In December, Hudson shared a video of 7-year-old David busting a move to Michael Jackson’s “Smooth Criminal”.

“My munch is giving it ! He loves him some MJ,” she captioned the clip of the talented David showing off move inspired by the King Of Pop.


Hudson says she’s curious to see what David will gravitate to as he gets older.

“Right now, he’s into dancing and singing, but it changes each age for a kid,” she says.  “We’re like, ‘Is this what he’s gonna be?’  Is this who he is?’  When we were in the U.K. on the UK “Voice”, he would dance and entertain the audience during the commercial breaks.”

“That’s helping him come out of his shell and not be so shy,” Hudson says of David.  It’s a sentiment that she herself identifies with.

“I always get nervous in the wings of the stage, but as soon as I step on the stage I’m at home,” she says.

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In her new movie coming to Netflix April 14, Hudson gets to flex her comedy chops working with Sandler, who also directs.   But, she reveals it was definitely a stretch kissing his frumpy and unattractive character, especially in front of family.

After a few laughs as she tries to come up with a polite way to describe her experience kissing Sandler on set – in front of the actor’s real-life wife and family –  a diplomatic Hudson finally says it’s what’s on Sandy’s inside that counts.

“First of all, Sandy is such an adorable character, you can’t help but to love him.  You see his heart and that’s what [my character] Courtney fell in love with – Sandy’s heart.  When you’re lost in the character you forget about who’s there , who’s watching, and it’s not Jennifer, it’s not Adam, it’s Courtney and Sandy. ”

“Now, who had a problem with it, is my son,” she reveals. “And Adam’s little girl is like, ‘So wait, Dad, do you have to kiss her?’  Well, he wrote it in the script, it wasn’t me!” she laughs.  “But you know, it’s part of the job.”

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Hudson is definitely keeping herself busy when it comes to performing.

On Monday, the singer-actress dropped the music video for her emotional new single, “Remember Me”.

“As an artist, when I discover music that I connect with deeply, it brings me a sense of excitement that I can’t put into words,” she released in a statement“That’s how I feel about ‘Remember Me’. Everything about it is special – from co-writing it with Jamie [Hartman], to the recording process, to how it made me feel along the way. I just can’t wait to share it with the world.”




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