Emma Roberts is on the cover of The Spring Issue, the new digital magazine from Who, What, Wear, and the “American Horror Story”/”Scream Queens” star has plenty to say about her own style.

“I don’t do well with anything voluminous,” she says. “In my mind I do, and I’ll feel very confident, but then I see photos and it doesn’t look cute, which is something I unfortunately have to worry about.”

Having become famous while still in her teens (she was 15 when she headlined 2007’s “Nancy Drew”, and made her screen debut at age 10 in Johnny Depp’s “Blow”), Roberts discusses how growing up on red carpets has contributed to her own personal fashion.

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“Growing up — especially on the red carpet and doing photo shoots when I was so young — you’re put in all these different looks because everyone’s trying to find out who you are, and you’re trying to find out who you are,” she adds. “But now, I’m at the point where I think, ‘What do I feel good in? What feels good to me?’ and I go for that, whether it’s trendy or not.”

She also relays how her celebrity poker face was put to the test when she wound up sitting next to her idol Drew Barrymore at a fashion show.

“I always try to keep my facial expressions in check, but I got so embarrassed when I sat next to Drew at the Coach show,” she admits. “I’m the biggest Drew fan, so I looked at her and got so red; I was just in awe.”

You can read more with Roberts in The Spring Issue; in the meantime, check out these photos from the digital issue.