Abigail Breslin is bravely coming forward during Sexual Assault Awareness Month to reveal that she herself has been a victim of sexual assault.

The “Scream Queens” star opens up in an Instagram post. “You are not obligated to have sex with someone that you’re in a relationship with. Dating is not consent. Marriage is not consent,” the post reads

In the accompanying caption, Breslin reveals, “I knew my assailant,” adding the hashtags #SexualAssaultAwarenessMonth and #breakthesilence.

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Comments on the post indicate that, sadly, Breslin is far from alone.

“My rapist was my fiancé at the time, but everyone family included said it doesn’t count because we are engaged,” writes one commenter. “Said I’m supposed to give him what he wants.”

Another commenter noted: “My boyfriend in high school sexually abused me for a year. I was 17. I’m now 24 and I’m just now realizing what he did to me was abuse.”