Lisa Kristal Helps Shape Her Portrayal in ‘CBGB’ Flick

The upcoming movie “CBGB“; isn’t just some lame attempt to re-create the clubs glory on screen – as ET Canada found out on a recent set visit! Lisa Kristal, daughter of CBGB punk rock club owner Hilly Kristal, actually had a role in shaping Ashley Greene’s character – since the character is in fact her! “It’s definitely a positive source to have on set,”; says Ashley. “You want to do someone justice and you definitely want to portray them correctly but also be able to have a little artistic freedom.”;

Rick and Johnny

And one thing that’s great about this film is everyone’s in the same boat. Malin Akerman has to portray Blondie frontwoman Debbie Harry, Sting’s daughter Mickey Sumner will try to embody Patti Smith and The Foo Fighters’ Taylor Hawkins must tackle every crazy move that Iggy Pop is known for!

Rick and Taylor Hawkins

“It’s pretty scary though, because he is such an iconic figure and he is such an important figure in music,”; Taylor tells Rick Campanelli. “He is one of the original great provocative front men of all time.”;

So how does one transform themselves into such recognizable artists… well for starters, watching YouTube videos! “I have been just listening to her songs on repeat and watching her YouTube videos,”; says Malin. “Thank God there are YouTube videos of her performing those songs.”; She continues: “You get to see her facial expressions and also watching her interviews, figuring out who she is. She says it herself, she says she is a little bit shy and so maybe that’s where some of her awkwardness comes from on stage.”;

Watch the sneak peek of Rick’s interview with Ashley below and read his blog about his set visit experience here!



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