Chelsea Handler Says Expect Politics And More Candid Celeb Chats In Season Two Of ‘Chelsea’

Chelsea Handler’s hit Netflix show tackled some serious stuff in season one, from the state of education to U.S. politics. Now, the comedian is promising more politics than ever as her show enters a second season, but, she says she’s still not extending an invite to Donald Trump.

“You wouldn’t want to have a candid conversation with him?” ET Canada’s Matte Babel asks.

“No, I don’t! He has a candid conversation with the world everyday and that’s enough,” she says of the U.S. President. Just because she doesn’t want him on her show, doesn’t mean she’s going to avoid talking about him.

“I mean, it’s a lot of fun to make fun of him because he’s such a moron,” she says.

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In the new season which launches Friday, April 14, Handler says viewers can expect some exotic locales and more candid chats with her celeb friends.

“We shot a lot, we went to India, we went to England, we went to Paris, we went to Wales,” she says of the cities taking centre stage during her world travels in season two.

“In India everyone bargains. How much for this, 100 rupees? I’ll give you 40.  Not every Jew haggles,” Handler says in the trailer for the upcoming season.

Dinner parties are also on the docket for “Chelsea”.

“In England, we did one with Naomi Campbell and Alexa Chung and Rita Ora,” she tells ET Canada. “It’s better to have a group of people who don’t necessarily know each other, cause then we drink, we have fun. We did a sports dinner with five big athletes. I was the only one that drank so that wasn’t that much fun.”

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One thing is for certain, Handler is promising even more candid conversations this season.

“I don’t hold back, I mean I don’t have that gene,” she says, dishing on conversation with famous gal pals. “Amy Schumer’s pretty candid. She’s a great interview because she talks about anything and we’re both comedians, so there’s a nice chemistry there. Melissa McCarthy is just funny as s*** so I don’t even care if she’s being candid because she’s just so funny. ”
“Some people feel more comfortable just letting it all out and some people don’t,” she says, before adding that most of her guests are friends, which allows her to get away with some of the tougher questions.

“All of the girls in this town are friends. I mean, some of them aren’t, but most of them are,” she says, explaining. “But, you know, you’re friends with everybody, you see everybody. They come through your show and you’re friendly with everybody, and there’s you know, a girl thing.”




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