‘Snatched’ Stars Amy Schumer, Goldie Hawn Dish On Their New Mom-Com

Goldie Hawn and Amy Schumer bring their acting chops from two different generations, starring as a mother-daughter duo who become part of an unexpected adventure in “Snatched”.

The action got a little more intense than the cast and crew expected, as Schumer EW.com. “She’s doing handstands walking around and I’m like ‘Can I have a cane? Does someone have a walker?'”

“Snatched” marks Hawn’s first movie role in nearly 15 years “It was the right time. I’ve been working on my foundation, [the Hawn Foundation, a nonprofit organization for youth education] for years, but in my mind I always wondered: ‘Will I ever make people laugh again?'”

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The two actresses have plenty of jokes between them and they say they the cross-generational chemistry was incredible. “When you find someone that you can talk with about these shared ideas… it feels magical,” Hawn explains.

Schumer agrees and shares a story of how the film’s director and other producers were skeptical of a particular joke the “Trainwreck” star suggested. The only person in the room to say “that’s funny,” was Hawn and now the joke is one of the film’s highlights.

Hawn, 71, is one of Hollywood’s most experienced actress and won an Oscar in 1969 for “Cactus Flower”. Discussing the depth of her new movie with Schumer, she says “It’s not just a caper movie. It’s about something we’ve all experienced, which is the beauty and frustration of a mother-daughter relationship.”

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“Get ready to feel feelings,” Schumer quips.

One big question lingers from Hawn’s foray back into films after a decade-and-a-half: Is Goldie Hawn back to stay? “You know what? Yes! I’ve gotten excited thinking about doing more films, but there’s also a piece of me that loves the [entertainment] world we’re living in now, and I’m thinking about doing something like a limited [TV] series.”

“Definitely there’s a toe back in…” she reveals.



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