‘Tis the season to hear Christmas songs wherever you go!  Frosty will go thumpity-thump, reindeer will call Rudolph names and Santa Clauswill be coming to town!

It’s impossible (yes, impossible) to hate all Christmas songs, but we all have those songs that we just can’t stand. The holiday season is all about being jolly, but for this Christmas edition of Soundoff, ET Canada producers Kate Morawetz and Graeme O’Neil can’t help but unleash their inner Grinch and point out the song that they think should have a long winter’s nap.

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Graeme’s choice was first recorded by Nat King Cole, and has been covered by Justin Bieber, Christina Aguilera, Celine Dion, Sheryl Crow, and well…pretty much every artist you can think of, while Kate goes for “Baby, It’s Cold Outside”, which was recently covered by Mr. Christmas and the Frozen Queen, otherwise known as Michael Buble and Idina Menzel.  Kate’s got a big problem with the lyrics, and no word changes will suffice, which makes Graeme wonder if we shouldn’t be decking the halls with our gay apparel.

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While every Christmas playlist has to have some classics, Kate and Graeme also make their choices for the tracks you should be adding to your rotation.  Kate opts for a new artist that just scored six Grammy nominations, while Graeme chooses an original song performed by a Grammy winner (who is celebrating her first Christmas as a Mom) that was inspired by the film Love Actually!

Watch Soundoff below and tell us what Christmas classic you can’t stand and what new song you’ve discovered!