A Surprise Double Eviction Rocks ‘Big Brother Canada’

SPOILER ALERT: If you haven’t watched tonight’s double eviction episode of “Big Brother Canada”, then STOP READING NOW! Spoilers lie ahead….














The BBCAN Odyssey delivers two for the price of one tonight as a double eviction sends newbie Emily and veteran Neda packing.

Wow. What an episode. Double evictions always have the potential for utter chaos, but often the final result doesn’t quite match the hype. That isn’t the case here. In the most shocking episode of the season so far, the game is tipped on its head, eliminating not only a huge power player but someone considered by many to be BBCAN royalty.

The night begins with a more straightforward eviction, as Emily is voted out 8-1 over her “showmance” partner Dillon. With William as Head of Household, it was finally time for “the other side” to make a move against the alliance which had been controlling the game. Emily and Dillon might have only been foot soldiers within the larger army, but having them both on the block was still a win for William and his allies.

Emily and Dillon’s growing relationship made them a massive target. In fact, the house as a whole appears to be breaking down into various power couples. Besides Emily and Dillon, there is the showmantic partnership between Ika and Demetres, the “French Connection” duo of William and Dre, the Season 3 pair of Kevin and Bruno, and obviously, Karen + Martini is a deadly combination.

After losing out on the Power of Veto, and stomping around like a petulant child, Dillon drags himself out of his funk and decides he wants to stay. For people like Bruno, Dillon’s big presence in the house is the perfect shield. Neda tells Dillon that he doesn’t even need to campaign against Emily. The only problem is, William wants Dillon gone.

The Core Six alliance gather to discuss the vote. Kevin wants to save Dillon but also doesn’t want to harm his relationship with William. As the group is chatting, they’re caught in the act by William and Dre, who suddenly become suspicious that Ika is working with the other side. Ultimately, the house goes against William’s wishes, with everyone but Dre voting to evict Emily.

It’s the surprise double eviction which kicks the night into high gear. After Emily’s exit, Arisa Cox informs the houseguests of the double eviction and that the next person eliminated will become the first member of the jury. Not only is that a bombshell in itself but the bigger news is that it means Neda is no longer immune.

In Week 1, Neda was awarded a “trip to the future” via a Canadian fan vote. This twist gave Neda – who was already one of the biggest threats entering the season – immunity until jury. Having this advantage only served to make Neda more feared within the house. Despite people tiring of her power trip, she was untouchable. Neda was the queen ordering the court jesters to dance for her amusement, and the others had no choice but to put on their clown pants and oblige.

Initially, things seem okay for Neda when her alliance mate Sindy wins the HOH competition. Sindy, who has so far played a stealthy game, chooses to nominate Dillon and Jackie. As far as nominations go, this is perhaps the safest route Sindy could go; nobody would lose sleep over Jackie or Dillon leaving. But when Jackie wins the Veto, it provides the perfect opportunity for a huge move.

During the last minute scrambling, Ika tells Sindy to put Neda on the block. The game then descends into an all out thrown down between the veterans. Cornering Sindy in the storage room, Neda tells Sindy not to throw her game away for Ika, saying that Ika talks trash about her every day. Ika bursts into the room to give her own two cents, shouting at Neda, “Mark my words, you’re going home!”

With little time to gather her thoughts, Sindy has to come to a decision, and although it’s clearly tearing her up inside, she names Neda as the replacement nominee. Listening to the reaction of the live audience you’d think Canada had just won the World Cup. Neda continues to throw Ika under the bus in her eviction speech, but her words are drowned out by the boos of the crowd. With such a big target on the block, the result is inevitable, even her fellow allies have to take the opportunity to vote her out. Neda becomes the fourth veteran evicted in a 7-1 vote.

Even though Sindy seemed unsure of the decision, her being the one to make this move is perfect. Last week we saw Neda directing the houseguests to insult Sindy, resulting in a tearful reaction from the Season 3 returnee. This time it’s Neda in tears.  “I f**ked up,” she tells Arisa as she beats herself up that she “couldn’t even last an hour” without immunity.

While it was a cathartic moment which is sure to provide a much-needed shake-up, it was also kind of sad to see a BBCAN legend leave the game in such a fashion. But with Neda’s reign over, and the Core Six alliance imploding, it should mean a bumpy and exciting ride ahead for the remaining houseguests.

The Star Chart:

Take a look at which houseguests are burning bright and which are fading out…


Ika – it’s time to give Ika some credit. The game she is playing is certainly dangerous – flipping back and forth between alliances. But somehow people don’t seem to have noticed just how much influence she has on both sides of the house. While she can often let emotion run her decisions, she has an ability to corral the outsiders and direct their targets towards anyone but herself (and Demetres). The question is how much longer can she play this kind of game before it blows up?


Kevin – the problem with Kevin is he believes he’s a lot smoother than he actually is. His game is built around emotional manipulation; he thinks he can fool people by flirting and frolicking. But his initial charm soon wears off, and people can see the fakeness. The other houseguests end up playing him at his own game, and he’s too cocky to see it. Now with his ally Neda gone, he could find himself the next big target in the house.

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