Dutch Game Show Slammed On Social Media After Male Contestants Asked To Guess Whether Woman Is ‘Fat Or Pregnant’

A game show in the Netherlands is generating controversy over a bit in which male contestants are asked to evaluate a woman, standing on a rotating platform, and determine whether she’s with child or simply needs to lose a few pounds in a segment called “Fat or Pregnant?”

The game show, “Neem Je Zwemspullen Mee” (translation: “Bring Your Bathing Suit”) sparked outrage among Dutch viewers who couldn’t believe what they were watching:

This isn’t the first time this particular show has aired controversial segments, and in the past has featured a bit in which men must guess whether a woman’s breasts are real or cosmetically enhanced, or whether a person is Chinese or Japanese.

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The latest stunt, however, clearly went over the line for a lot of viewers, who took to Twitter in posts like these:

Meanwhile, TV critic Han Lips of newspaper Parool blasted the show as “pitiful and embarrassing,” reports the Daily Mail.

Added the critic: “I hope they did not lose the receipts for this experiment. Perhaps they can still return and refund this waste of money.”

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Following the backlash, KRO-NCRV director Yvonne de Haan released a statement apologizing for offending viewers: “The section Fat or Pregnant? was meant to show appearances can deceive,” reads the statement. “In this round we feature lots of prejudices based on what people look like. Is he a criminal or a business man?, or is he Dutch or German? Putting things in a satirical setting is a way of laughing at prejudice. But we did it in a way that hurt people. That was never the intention and we regret it.”

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