Caitlyn Jenner Sits Down With Diane Sawyer Two Years After Coming Out As Transgender

Two years after the groundbreaking interview that rocked the world, Diane Sawyer is sitting down with Caitlyn Jenner once more for an inside look into the reality of living life as a woman.

Airing Friday, April 21, Jenner opens up to Sawyer ahead of releasing her new memoir, “The Secrets of My Life” (out April 25), which is being described as a reflection “on her past as she looks to her future.”

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In what is sure to be another emotional special, Jenner is expected to discuss the polarizing backlash that ensued following her first interview, America’s controversial bathroom bill, her regrets, as well as her mistakes.

The past two years have seen Jenner transition under the glare of her family’s fame, with the former Olympian garnering both praise and negativity since going public with the long-kept secret. Jenner has gone on to cover Vanity Fair magazine, has appeared in her very own reality television show, in addition to creating controversy over her conservative political views.

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Catch a preview of the interview above.

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